Underneath her saree..

…she was naked. Bare feet, hair a mess of tangles. Kohl-smudged eyes. Just nine yards of red chiffon wrapped around her modesty. She smiled at him and moved away from the door.

He walked in.

She had issued no invitation save with her eyes, but he knew to come. He knew to wait till the family had gone off for the day, the man in his car, the child in her bus, for the neighbourhood to fall silent and asleep, for her to be done with her morning chores and her bath.

She had taken him by the hand and was pulling him towards the bedroom, not a word exchanged, when he stopped and grabbed her wrist instead. He jerked her towards him and pushed her against the wall. In her eyes he could see mild alarm; she had expected to be in control, as she no doubt had been with so many other younger men. He held her narrow wrists in one hand and put the other on her left breast.

The chiffon was cheap and scratchy, but she was soft and warm under it. He rubbed his palm over her breast till he could feel a nipple budding. He took it between his index finger and thumb and tweaked it lightly.

She raised her face to his and parted her lips for a kiss, but he bent his head down to her neck and bare shoulder, and licked her skin. His tongue was slow and deliberate as it moved to her collarbone and to the swell of her right breast. He let go of her nipple and reached under her pallu to feel the smooth, cool underside. He let his fingers play and prod, Then he suddenly pinched the soft flesh and heard her gasp in pain.

His other hand was already on on her ass,and as soon as she gasped, he grabbed a cheek with it and a tit with the other and squeezed with force. He kept doing that for a while, squeezing, relaxing, squeezed again, sometimes lightly, sometimes as hard as he could. Her ass was springier than her tits, but no less soft, he smacked it lightly over the saree a few times, restraining himself from hitting harder. She looked both frightened and excited, and he allowed himself kiss her full on the lips, pushing his tongue in and meeting hers, even as his hands continued pumping her softest bits.

Her hands caressed his hair, wove a track down his back and chest, and began fondling his crotch, or whatever she could feel through his jeans. He smiled midkiss, she had not given up trying to take back control. He let go of her ass, grabbed both her breasts, and still kissing her, dragged her by the tits to the large sofa, and pushed her into it. The struggle had twisted her pallu into a rope between her now bare boobs, and he gave himself a minute to take them in. They were pretty big for her build, and sagged very slightly due to their weight. Her areolae were the size of carom coins, and her nipples, fully roused now, were like chocolate cherries. He put a fingertip on the tip of one teat and pressed it like a button till sank into her breast, then took his hand away and watched it pop back into shape. He wanted to suckle her like a baby, but he could tell that was exactly what she was expecting and wanting, so he drew back his hand and gave her a smart slap on her underboob.

It was almost like slow motion, how the breast flew up and then down, and then bounced up again. He enjoyed the jiggling so much that he smacked both her breasts together several times. When her face looked a bit relaxed, like she was getting into the groove, he stopped, bent down, and grasped her ankles. He picked up her feet and placed them on the sofa so that her heels rested against her ass. He shoved her saree up to her waist, and parted her knees roughly, so that he could see her cunt. She wasn’t shaven but she had trimmed herself, and he could glimpse pink through the folds of her skin. He licked his middle finger and thrust it straight in.

She was wet, and soft, and warm, and stretchy enough to take at least two more fingers with ease. He badly wanted to sink his whole fist in, wrist deep, but couldn’t risk her screaming and did not want to gag her, so he satisfied himself with massaging her tract with three fingers. She had closed her eyes, there was a slight smile on her lips, and her fingers were lightly playing with her nipples. He brought his mouth down and quickly darted his tongue in and out of her cunt, enjoying the way her whole body shuddered. Still tonguing her, he tossed her hands away and began kneading her tits like dough. He took each fold of labia in his mouth and sucked gently, as her moans grew louder, till he finally found his way to her clit and began sucking on it with vigour, even as he let his tongue tickle it. Her body was almost undulating in his rhythm and she moved her pelvis upward, but as soon as he was sure she was about to come, he gave her a not-very-gentle bite right on her clit at the same time as he pinched her nipples as hard as he could, and heard her choke a scream.

He got up and looked down at her, tears streaking her face from the shock of his bite, lips puffy, breasts very red with his slapping and kneading, nipples swollen to the size of small grapes, pussy exposed, glistening wet and pink, juices smeared all over her thighs and the sofa. He grabbed her by the tits again and made her get up and kneel on her knees on the sofa, facing the fat armrest. He pushed her upper body against the armrest, so that her breasts dangled enticingly from the side of the sofa and her saree clad ass pointed up towards him. He lifted the saree up and savored the sight of the smooth orbs. He slapped one lightly and then hard, watching the imprint of his fingers forming in red across the cheek. He undid the button of his jeans and let out his cock, which had been straining for space for quite some time now. She was facing the other way and couldn’t see, or she might have panicked slightly over his size and girth.

He parted the curtain of skin covering her tunnel, and rested his tip on its mouth. He put a hand on her hanging boobs and another on her mouth, and instead of easing his way in, thrust his entire length into her in one savage heave. His hand muffled her scream, and she struggled in vain to get away from him. She was well and truly impaled. Fortunately, she was so lubricated that his entry didn’t do any real damage, and he began to thrust in and out with increasing speed. She fell into rhythm and moved with him, and when he was sure she had calmed down enough, he stopped gagging her and began squeezing her tits in tempo to his thrusting. He thrust relentlessly for seven minutes till he felt his load welling into his shaft, and finally exploded into her just as she gave one final shudder and whimpered in pleasure.

He withdrew  and had already zipped himself up by the time she managed to turn towards him. Enjoying her total surrender of control, he finally decided to indulge himself in his favorite act; he sat her upright, and began sucking her nipples, first one and then the other. They felt like tiny soft balls in his mouth, and he moaned as he tugged them with his lips and prodded them with his tongue, and chewed on them occasionally. He suckled her for approximately twenty minutes before letting the teat out with a plop. He was hard again, and wanted badly to fuck her luscious melons, but held himself. It was time to go. there would be more afternoons, and this lady would certainly let him in again. He could tell that she was recovering from the best fuck of her life so far.


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