A text. Early in the morning. “Game?”

This was the rule, of course. He never started without her consent. But He had never asked by text before.

This might be interesting.

Game.”, she responded.

” I want you to get here in 45 minutes.”

Yes master.

“Wear your pink chiffon saree. The one with the loose blouse. And absolutely nothing underneath.”

She halted. Of the many risque things she had done in her life, stepping out of the house without a bra was not one. Her size and shape would not permit it. She had D-cups on a petite frame that took on lives of their own when not restrained, and the material of the blouse was very sheer. The saree itself was almost transparent.

“Master, please.

He would sometimes let her out of a command if she begged, but not this time.

“45 minutes. Wear your collar.”

She sighed. At least it was early morning on a weekend, there wouldn’t be as many people on the road to stare.

She washed her hair and bathed, and stood before the mirror draping herself in the pink saree. Even with the material folded twice on her bosom, her dark pink nipples were clearly visible. Some autowala was going to get an amazing view.

She took the collar out of the bottom drawer and wondered, putting it on,whether it would pass as jewelry. It was dainty looking, with pink studs that actually matched her saree, but there were two hooks on it that could be attached to a leash or a chain, and it fit very snugly around her throat.

She decided not to think about her embarrassment at all as she put on some light make up and then her heels. The winter chill hit her brutally as soon as she stepped out. It was like fingers had reached down and tweaked her nipple hard, the speed at which they sprang to painful attention.

The Nepali guard must have been surprised to see her up so early, he spilt some tea in his rush to get up and greet her. But then his eyes reached her bosom, jiggling and bouncing unhindered with her brisk steps, and he forgot entirely. His face took on and expression of awe. Or it may have been glee; she couldn’t stop to notice. She was just completely focused on getting out of the complex as soon as possible.

As she made her way to the main road, she felt the Nepali’s eyes burning on her back with lust. She wondered if he could make out the shape of her ass clearly. He probably could. After all, there was just the thin chiffon covering it.

She spotted an approaching auto not far away and flagged it with both hands, quite forgetting that she was almost naked. Her breasts bounced this way and that with joyful abandonment, and she had to steady them with the palm of her hands. A middle-aged gentleman walking his dog halted in his tracks as he passed her, to take in the sight of this beautiful, sophisticated young woman cupping her breasts in the middle of the street. She quickly let them go and he gasped in shock as he spotted her nipples, each the size of a small grape now.

The auto slowed down and the driver had just began to shake his head with a bored expression when he did a double take and screeched his three-wheeler to a stop. She quickly blurted out her destination, but the man wasn’t even looking at her face. With his eyes fixed on her gorgeous exposed creamcakes, he licked his lips and said in a hoarse voice, “Okay but I have to drop this kid at his school on the way. You can share.”

She peered into the back of the auto and spotted a shy-looking bespectacled teenage boy huddled in one corner. His eyes, too, were fixed on the show, and his mouth formed a near perfect O. She groaned. The last thing she needed was to share an auto with a hormonal brat, but she had no choice. She only had 15 more minutes and she did NOT want to risk disobeying Him. She got on.

The wind swept her hair all over her face and blew her pallu here and there. She noticed the student staring at her from the corner of his eyes. A fair-sized tent had formed in his shorts. She turned towards him to say something snarky, but caught sight of his face and stopped. He looked so woebegone and completely in love, like he was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world and did not know what to do.

She sighed. It would probably be years before he got access to an actual pair of boobs. And if he didn’t grow out of that ridiculous mama’s-boy hairstyle, it might even be never. She decided to be kind and give him a show he would remember forever. She backed into her corner of the auto so that she was no longer visible from the street, lowered her pallu to her belly, and began playing with her breasts, keeping her eyes on the boy’s face. She kneaded them with both hands and jiggled them lightly with her palm. She tugged at one nipple and then the other, and tweaked them. By the way the auto was swerving, she could tell the driver had his eyes on the rear view mirror, but she did not look at him, she kept her focus on the boy as she cupped her melons together, pushed them up towards her face, and kissed them deeply. Her pussy was soaking wet now and she had quite lost control of what she was doing.

When the boy’s school was just around the corner, she reached out, took his hands, and put them on her warm mounds. For a second, he froze, then instinct kicked in and he squeezed as hard as he could. He went on squeezing and mashing them for the two  minutes it took the auto to approach the school gates. When it stopped, he looked for the first time at her face. She smiled and blew him a kiss. He gulped, as though gathering courage, and holding a tit in each hand, bent to kiss each aureole full with an open mouth, pressing his tongue on each nipple as he did.

As she watched him run off, she felt faintly guilty about sending him to class with such a massive hard-on. But she had no time to worry about that; there were just five minutes left. The auto zipped through alleys and shortcuts till finally stopping in front of the posh apartment complex where He lived. She got down and fumbled in her purse. The driver cleared his throat.

“Ma’am, you don’t have to pay me… just let me … what you let him…”

If she had a moment to think, she would probably have walked away in a huff, but his hands were already on her, and unlike the boy, he knew what to do. His touch was gentle and firm at the same time. He held them by the nipples and pulled them as high up as he could, and then let go, watching them bounce and jump. He made her boobies dance for his pleasure and gave a low laugh when they continued to quiver even after he released them. Then he bent forward, but unlike the boy, he did not kiss. Rather, he caught her left nipple in his teeth and bit softly, tugging it towards him till she nearly fell on him. It was the middle of the street, which was thankfully empty, but any moment a morning walker or jogger could stumble onto them. But this did not seem to daunt the driver, who had now attached himself to her right nipple and was sucking it with his eyes closed, purring like a happy cat.

When he finally unlatched himself, he was grinning broadly, and she was soaked to her thighs. She turned, and immediately jumped as a hard smack landed full on her buttocks. She looked back and the autowalla winked at her.”If you ever need help with that wetness,” he said, pointing with his eyes at the wet patch that had formed on the back of her saree, ” just let me know.”

She looked at her watch as she rushed to the elevator. She was ten minutes late, her blouse was drenched with saliva, and she had come, twice, without His permission.

There would be punishments.

…To be continued.



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