B : Sea, please.

B : not forest.

B : I would give a lot to sit quietly on an uncrowded, clean beach, and just stare at waves, trying to predict if the next one will reach me or not

D : Hmmm

B : till it gets dark enough to see the phosphorus in the foam

D : Beaches are lovely at night

B : and then come back to a pleasant room with a sea facing balcony and drink scotch while listening to santoor.

D : Jazz for me

B : and maybe i will make an exception for you and smoke one or two

D : I’ll roll you one

B : jazz is also fine

D : Organic tobacco

B : yes, but not more than two. i want to stay quit

D : Also … I’ll be wondering if you are going to make any other exceptions

B : maybe we’ll both be wondering

D : For how long?

B : who knows? is human behaviour really that predictable? even when it is our own behaviour?

D : Never

D : You might lean against me

D : I might keep my hand on your thigh

B : and we might find that music and conversation against the roar of waves are far more sensous than rutting on a strange hotel mattress

B : though, you know, my experience in life does not indicate that is how things are likely to go

D : And you might still lean, and I might leave my hand there .. Gently stroking your thigh

B : yes, and run your fingers through my hair.

D : Possible

B : appealing. very.

D : And you might shift a bit. So I can feel the swell of your breast

D : As you lean on me

B : I might.

D : And I might leave at at that for a while

D : Just enjoying it

B : and that would be very soothing

B : i would probably find my way to the middle of your chest

D : I might note that you are wearing nothing underneath

B : That is unlikely. I am too big for such stunts.

D : Well, we’re in a hotel balcony after all

D : It’s still just possible

B : I will be wearing something, but you will have to do something about that.

D : That I get my hand under your tee

D : And ease your breasts from under your bra

B : Such direct action?

B : Incongruous with the rest of the night

D : Then you might correct me

D : By restraining my hand, but leaving it cupping your breast

B : And gently pressing your knee, reminding you of the need to be patient.

B : I would like to run my fingertips along your jawline

B : Your face has a lovely shape

D : With a stubble

B : Of course. salt and pepper.

D : And the long swims might make me stretch out like a big jungle cat

D : Probably to chew on your fingers if I can get them

B : You will, as I run them lightly across your lips

D : I might put my finger in your mouth too

B : I would like that. I would like to suck gently

D : And I’d love to feel your tongue

D : With my fingers

B : Would feeling my tongue with your tongue be too intimate for you?

D : Not if I’m lying down by now with my head in you lap

D : And you bent over and prised it between my lips

B : When you have eased your way into my lap, I reach back and undo my clasp.

B : A gentle yet volumnous avalanche.

D : I let myself be buried alive

D : And find the hard points with my mouth

B : Very hard, in the cold sea breeze

B : I cradle you, and let you suckle over my tshirt

D : I suck blindly , content like a baby

B : I run my fingers up and down your chest, and find your hardness with my knuckles

D : I let out a long moan … ending in a whimper

B : Please sit up. I want to sit in your lap

B : My back against your chest

D : I will do that .. And you will feel me hard against your back

B : Against the softness of my ass, which I rub and wiggle against you

B : I take my tshirt off

D : I gasp and cup your breasts from behind

B : How tightly?

D : And bite the back of your neck

D : Not very. Just enjoying the weight

B : I arch my back and give you the full benefit of my swells.

B : I can feel you throbbing under me

B : Even as I drip on you

D : I squeeze harder

D : And lean over to nibble your nipples

D : What you wearing below ?

B : A skirt, and panties.

B : A kneelength skirt

D : Already bunched up around your waist

B : I get up now, and face you. i kneel down in front of you and ease you out of your shorts

D : What panties?

B : lace. pink.

D : With a big wet sticky stain on them

D : I start trembling in anticipation

B : yes. i want to take you in my mouth now

B : but first i want to kiss it

B : and lick it all over

D : I’m dripping

B : from its throbbing tip to the taut balls.

D : You pause occasionally to look me in the eyes

B : i never really take my eyes off yours

B : i do pause, but that is to wrap my breasts around your cock and massage it

D : While I gently , without guiding you in any way stroke your jawline

D : It’s almost too much for me now

B : i slow down when you build up. i do not want you to come so easily

B : i want your mouth

B : i want your tongue

D : You grab my buzz cut head

D : Very roughly and push it

B : down between my thighs

B : i am on the floor now, on my back

D : And move your panties out of way

B : and my knees are folded and legs are apart

D : And I’m still blind as a baby .. Licking , sucking

B : and you have cupped my butt in your hands and lifted me up for better access

D : You press my head down with your hand

B : i am moaning louder than the waves now

D : And I’ve found the soft clit in all the   Hair

B : i come with your tongue, once, twice, even thrice

B : you are allowed to use just a little bit of teeth

D : I’m merciless ,,, push the skin back

D : Expose the entire clit

B : now i am whimpering

D : Purple pink

D : I suck on it

B : i have not felt this helpless in a long time. i want to stop you and i want you to go on forever

D : And I’m beyond controlling

D : I feel you come like a massive earthquake

B : i’ve brought my breasts up and am sucking my nipples

B : licking and biting them

B : i come like a tide, but even hungrier now.

B : i need you inside me

D : I’m content to control you by holding your clit gently in my teeth and sucking

B : D

B : fuck me. please.

B : i want to straddle you

D : I lay down

B : no. sit up

B : face to face. breast to chest

D : Breast to very hairy chest

B : i put my lips on yours and lower myself on to you

B : you are throbbing inside me. i can feel every vein

B : hold my breasts in your hands

D : You start the grind

D : I whimper .. Squeezing hard on your breasts

B : i am moving my pelvis up and down, and circularly, and front and back

B : slowly at first, then at varying speed

D : I let you take control

B : take my breasts in your mouth as i move against you

D : I try to get the whole of it in

D : And can’t help biting

B : the more i feel you tug on my nipples, the wilder my thrusting gets

D : I’m hurting , and loving it

B : do you want to change position?

B : tell me how you want me now

D : No!

B : ah, you like this

D : I’m begging you to let me come

B : wait

D : Please

B : i am still building up

B : i’ve already come five times, remember

D : A luxury I don’t have

B : do what you can on my nipples, that is the quickest way to make me come

B : go crazy

D : I pinch one of them hard

D : Pull it out

D : Roll it in my fingers

D : Then stretch it out between thumb and forefinger

B : right. D. i’m coming

B : come with me

D : I’m sucking on that stretched nipple

D : And chewing hard

B : oh.

B : oh god

D : I can feel the volcano

D : Shit

B : i’m there.

B : i’ve come

B : on your cock

D : I can feel your insides collapse

D : While I shoot off in a happy mess

B : that was beautiful


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