The Rape Chronicles

When you say you want to know about me, what is it you think you want to know? Is it how the mind of a rapist works? Sorry, I have no clue myself.I do not know how my mind works or what makes me rape, I only understand the deep pleasure in taking by force that which hasn’t been given to me.

I do not kill. I do not hurt, as far as I can. I try not to ruin anybody’s life, leave any indelible marks. I protect my partners from disease and pregnancy to the best of my abilities. I stay off the prowl if I even have a sniffle. I take photos for my own collection, and for security, but I certainly do not use them for blackmail or spread them around. Till date, not one of my partners has tried to get me into trouble.

Are you discomfited that I say partners and not victims? I do not know if they think of themselves as victims; perhaps they do, but I think of them as unwilling but equal partners, giving and receiving in the interaction as much as I am.

You can find the complete and updated Rape Chronicles here. Peruse at your own risk. And don’t get too comfortable.


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